If you need to cancel your registration and would like a refund, you must cancel by 4:00pm at least two (2) business days prior to the event (by Thursday at 4:00pm for any weekend events). If you cancel after this deadline, you will not receive a refund. Refunds are not automatically issued. Please contact us by email to cancel your registration and receive a refund. Your message will be date/time-stamped letting us know when your message was sent to us.
For courses we offer that are sponsored by other organizations, please inquire about their cancellation policies before registering.

Absolutely. Because this program was designed for people with serious health problems, we encourage participants to make the practice their own and learn the most effective and creative ways to work within their limitations, regardless of what they may be. Practices can be done in any position, whether sitting or lying down.

In order to get the most out of our programs both regular attendance in the sessions and regular home practice between sessions is required.  Home practice might include one or more of the formal mindfulness practices such as mindful movement, and/or the informal practices such as mindful eating.  Bringing mindfulness into your daily life (informal practice) does not take any more time than not being mindful. Formal practices, however, do require that you take the time to fit them into your daily routine. Support will be offered for finding time for the home practice, but your commitment is required to make this happen. You may find that you need to re-prioritize your daily activities.

If there is still space, we allow new participants to join the second session.  Once the group has met twice, no new participants will be allowed to register.

Each class builds on the previous one so we strongly encourage participants to attend all sessions, including the all-day retreat. In any event, it’s important for you to confirm your availability to attend at least seven sessions out of the nine offered (8 classes plus the all-day retreat), when registering for the MBSR or MSC programs. If you will be missing more than two sessions, we recommend that you wait for the next cycle to begin.

If you are missing one or two sessions out of the nine, while not ideal, it is still possible to participate in the program.  Participants will receive course materials at the first class so if you miss a class you will be encouraged to continue with the home practice and exercises. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We offer free introduction to mindfulness and MSC classes regularly. You may drop in or register on our website. These will give you an idea of the type of mindfulness and self compassion practices we teach and the content of the classes.

Click here for the registration page. Scroll down to find the course you are interested in. Click on the big button that says “Register Now” and follow the prompts.

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